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Our Dustless Blasting tool is the best tool for removing plaster, pool preparation / restoration, cleaning calcium deposits from tiles, and blasting away paint from decorative rock.
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Dustless surface prep

Say goodbye to messy and inefficient pool surface preparation! Blast Pro Florida offers the ultimate dustless solution for your swimming pool needs. Our state-of-the-art equipment removes old paint coatings with ease, without leaving a trail of harmful dust behind. Whether you're a homeowner, construction company or pool owner, trust us to deliver superior results every time. Contact us today and discover the power of dust-free blasting technology!

Fast and effective

 With the help of dustless blasting equipment, Blast Pro Florida can quickly and effectively remove peeling and failing pool paint coatings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What other surfaces can be treated with Blast Pro Florida's equipment besides pools?

Blast Pro Florida's dustless blasting equipment can be used to treat a wide variety of surfaces such as concrete, brick, tile, stone, and more. It is an ideal solution for removing paint, rust, oil stains, dirt, and stubborn buildup from almost any surface. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that no dust is created while providing professional-grade results.

How does Blast Pro Florida's dustless surface preparation equipment work?

Our dustless blasting equipment works by using a combination of abrasive media, compressed air and pressure to strip away peeling and failing paint coatings without producing a large amount of dust. This is done in an enclosed chamber that contains the dust within the unit, meaning you will have a much cleaner environment for yourself and those around you. This process is more efficient than traditional methods, leaving your surface looking great with minimal effort.

Can Blast Pro Florida remove pool paint coatings without causing a lot of dust and debris?

Our dustless blasting equipment is specifically designed to remove peeling and failing pool paint coatings without creating a lot of dust and debris, which is what sets us apart from our competitors. Result: a much cleaner and safer surface preparation process that won't damage your pool or surrounding areas.

Who can benefit from Blast Pro Florida's services, including home owners or construction companies?

Home owners, pool owners, and construction companies can all benefit from our dustless surface preparation services. Our state-of-the-art blasting equipment removes peeling and failing pool paint coatings without producing a large amount of dust which can be time consuming and expensive to clean up. It's also eco-friendly so those looking to reduce their carbon footprint will appreciate our services.

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